What we do

Higham Consultancy Services Ltd is a company with a passion for social purpose. Higham Consultancy work with the private, public and third sectors, to drive forward strategies for change, with the main focus in recent times being surviving and thriving. Working with schools, youth services, charities, social enterprises and community organisations, the Higham Consultancy team bring clarity, simplicity, integrity and objectivity to complex issues.

Specifically, Higham Consultancy have supported Headteachers, CEOs, MDs and Heads of Services for schools, charities, youth services, community organisations and private businesses, to take their organisations through a tough economic climate and devise new methods, practices and means of additional income.

Our key areas of expertise are:

 Research, analysis and assessment of policies, functions, data and services particularly focusing on young people, communities and education.
 Carrying out value-for-money analysis of youth services and benchmarking against national data
 Strategic reviews and partner collaborations, helping organisations succeed
 Preparing funding bids for services, posts and products
 Running independent or joint seminars and workshops to engage, promote to, or inform your customers
 Writing regularly for the Guardian Professional on subjects such as demonstrating how charities and voluntary organisations are beating the recession
 Running events, workshops and focus groups for and with young people and communities